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We at Codesmart, believe in empowering small to medium scale business houses to get full benefits of electronic computation and automation. With our solutions, companies can streamline their business and use their manpower and infrastructure for more productive use.

Codesmart solutions started operating as a consulting firm in late Octorber, 2005. Initial months were dedicated in developing a cutting edge solution for Indian exporters for online application filing for Shipping Bills as well as relevant documentation. Company provided an automated way to generate pre-shipment and post shipment documents.

In early, 2006 Codesmart launched its first product EximExpress which was praised by many industry experts. After this fantastic start company delivered its expertise in E-Commerce domain to it's valued customers. Currently, Codesmart has expertise in various industry verticals such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Stock market, Export-Import, E-Commerce, Automobile, Travel, E-Governance etc. Codesmart can help your business grow by providing web publishing in multiple/Non-English languages. So you can reach people who prefer languages other than English.

Codesmart consultants have always provided value-added service to our customers. Many a times this is provided in form of sessions on power of web based solutions, internet security, data security and better manpower utilisation.

With motivated staff and satisfied customers, we look forward to help many more customers with our smart solutions.