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If you ever thought of streamlining your export business but were beaten back by the huge prices of softwares: Or perhaps the software you tried earlier was a failure because:
1. It was quite expensive without visible benefits
2. Difficult to use
3. You couldn't get the packing list you wanted
4. It wasn't designed for Indian export industry
5. The staff who knew how to operate the software has left and there was no transfer of knowledge
6. It was tedious to maintain the copies of software on each individual machine
7. The sales reports you wanted were absent
8. You use Non-Windows systems and there are no softwares for your infrastructure

Perhaps, most of the above!!
Fortunately, there is EximExpress, software which gives you power and flexibility for automating export related functions while keeping the overall interaction simple and user friendly. The best thing about it is the price at which it is being offered during introductory offer period..Just Rs.20,000(Rupees Twenty thousand only) + Taxes. The offer price also includes a 3-day training and workshop demonstrating the power and flexibility of this powerful software to your staff.

Advantages of EximExpress:
1. Introductory offer price of Rs.20,000/-
2. ROI (Return on investment) in record time
3. Intranet ready software, install on one machine, access from anywhere within organisation
4. Easy upgrade to internet based access. The software can be used from anywhere in the world
5. User friendly interface, minimum training required
6. Excellent reports for giving quick view of sales and claims
7. Flexible packing list(Power to define your own packing list formats!!)
8. No duplication of work
9. Avoids errors due to repeated data entry of same details
10. Multi user, allows multiple users to work simultaneously
11. Runs on Windows based systems as well as Linux/Unix
12. Easier integration with other softwares in your organisation
13. Generation of shipping bill EDI file for online submission through ICEGATE EDI system